Demo version for Gboard provides the advantage of color floating

إصدار تجريبي لـ Gboard يُتيح ميزة اللوحة العائمة

Last July, revealed some of the codes in the keyboard Google Gboard, the company’s intention to add the feature to the keyboard is floating, and specifically with the version Gboard 7.4, now with the demo version Gboard 7.6 it seems that the water is ready now, where in this ratio became possible and ready to work.

On the other hand, work keyboard floating like any keyboard floating similar we’ve seen in the past, where there is a button control in the corners to change its size, in addition to changing their place, in the case of the square without touching it for a certain period, you will notice the color fading by 50% transparency, so you can see what’s behind it.

Regardless if you are using a color in the fixed or floating, all the advantages will be present for Demi, including suggestions and foretelling for, move on to the icons and emoji, etc.

إصدار تجريبي لـ Gboard يُتيح ميزة اللوحة العائمة

In relation to the possibility of activation, first open any messaging app to show the color, then in left side click on the small arrow to open the “special features”, then click on the full menu, and you notice there is a new option called “Floating”, click on it and you will notice that the color became floating.

Finally with this version also there is support for symbols expressive of the new, as well as support for new languages again, since the update demo you have to wait days or weeks for the arrival of the official version, in case you lack patience, you simply download the update file. APK from here.

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