Denied reduced the price of her camera to record the events of the control by 58% on Amazon

It became important to balance a camera to record the events that you get while driving your car, especially traffic accidents, to prove to man the traffic, you’re not wrong, using these cameras dramatically in Russia, for example, the insurance companies of the drivers on the use of these cameras permanently. There are a lot of these cameras in stores, this camera from the company denied in the name of the Roav that are shooting accurately FHD 1080P with the ability to export clearly in the evenings, which is available on Amazon reduction of 58% to become the price tag of 51$ instead of 120$. Here are some details of the camera:

  • Shooting is clearly balanced, as they adhere to the clearly panels of Cars.
  • Download sensor Sony IMX323 one Ambarella A12.
  • Carry the lens of the girl wide f2.0 export 4 tracks in the street.
  • Resistance to high heat.
  • The adhesive is therefore possible to put it on the windshield.
  • Screen size 3 inch.
  • Memory 32 is filled up after shooting for 4 hours 1080p.
  • Supports external memory up to 128 its.

– Price: 51$ – To buy: Click here. – Shipped directly to Saudi Arabia at a cost of 14.68$ – Shipped directly to the UAE at a cost of 22.03$ – Shipping directly to Kuwait at a cost of 30.23$ – Shipping directly to Kuwait at a cost of 41.11$

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