Deny know about the 3 new headphones feature a battery life long

Launched the company denied the 3 new headphones fit different types of users, comes a long battery life, which is the main feature of buy denied well-known for producing batteries, human energy with high quality.

First, there is the headphone Space NC wireless support noise cancellation with a card that allows to listen for 20 hours. There is a small difference but noticeable between the noise cancellation on and off, where the first lets listen to the little voices surrounding area while the second strengthens you from the outside world completely, while the phone only supports noise cancellation and is enough to isolate the noise in the plane, for example.

Space NC is available at a price of$ 99.99 and will be available on Amazon by the end of next may.

Deny also announced on the sky home Soundcore is speakers high sound quality Add to it’s waterproof so you can take her to the beach or the pool, as they add from the bottom with the possibility to toggle the different colors and patterns.

Soundcore is available at a price of 59.99$ and will be available at Amazon on May 7, the next in black, gray, blue and red.

Finally, the company announced the earpiece Liberty Lite that comes with an extra layer that protects them from the throne, will be available as of June 18, the next at the price of 69$ and will be suitable for the Apple wireless AirPods.

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