Deny launches charger brings Amazon new to your car and makes it a smart

Announced denied officially at CES CES 2018 for the charger makes the car more intelligent and connected to it via Bluetooth. Allows Roav Viva, which connects to the car infotainment system via Bluetooth 4.0 and brings the assistant Amazon’s Alexa to the car what gives you the voice control by asking her different questions and the traffic situation, weather, and contact who you want to listen to music and navigation using Google Maps so that it is available by the USB to charge your smartphone. The Roav is the relationship of a subsidiary to deny and seeking a Chinese company to enter the sector of smart cars, and their Viva is the most important step on the way to achieving it so that the economic cost of the supported models 2010 what is higher, what means that the owners of old cars will be available to them techniques not available only with the latest cars. This has denied to provide Roav Viva for pre-booking already via the Amazon store at a price of 50$ which is equivalent to 187.5 SAR, to start connecting it to customers at the end of January.

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