Deputy head of the Department of communication in Snapchat used her position

نائب رئيس قسم الاتصال والتواصل في سناب شات تستقيل من منصبها

Mary made the rete received from her current position at Snapchat as vice-chairman of the Department of communication at home, while Will Mary run her position until it is filled the vacancy as appropriate, and this is the first time that one of the senior positions in the area of social resignation, already lost in this all of the global director of sales and the director of the Office of strategic.

Has joined the Marie group Snapchat in 2012 and received her current position in February 2013, the service almost six years in between the corridors of the house, where I supervised last year to offer initial public offering of shares of the company, he had seen Mary the suffering of Snapchat of hard times during the financial period which still affect us for a moment, lost during the second quarter of 2018 Dialogue 3 million of its users.

Said placeholders quitter via an email to the staff, they want to take a deep breath and to explore what the next stage in her life, where she added that she wasn’t more passion for a product or company and this thing was a big challenge for her and rewarding experience in her career.

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