Design and new features for Apple TV Ceres 4

آبل سيريس 4

The fourth generation of Apple Watch smart new design and features new technology the company says it might save your life .

APPLE WATCH SERIES 4 re Apple completely redesigned but kept its identity and to its public, where I keep the dimensions but the screen has become larger by 30% on the previous version and this means that they framed aluminum thinnest with a button by my mechanic and the vibration during its use.

New features for Apple TV-series Photo 4

Came screen size 368 x 448 Pixel ratio of 44 mm and 324 x 394 Pixel ratio of 40 mm backend is made of ceramic and Sapphire with the aim of improving the service call through the watch, the previous available measurements 40 mm and 44 mm, and also with the first aluminum and the second stainless steel case with Speaker higher by 50%.

Has been improved for phone calls and voice assistant service cerium and the application of the walkie talkie and was moved the microphone to the voltage corresponding to the Echo images and provide clearer voice, and operates at the device processor the new S4 processor with dual-core structure 64 Bbit, which provides a fast multiplier and memory internal storage 4 GB and supports the technical contact person also Generation 5 is the latest.

Come in at this time with the operating system Watch Os 5 features activity and contact the developer in addition to the capabilities of the upgraded health including accelerometer and Jill scoop New be able to discover the falls and if you don’t use the former any movement of the person during the 60 seconds experience the previous call emergency.

It also includes sensor heart rate electrode, which can create a schema for the use of the application of ECG in addition to monitoring and recording the heartbeat monitor if there was a case of irregularity in the heart rate and recording these observations on the PDF file for later viewing with a physician with notice to the patient in case of any malfunction.
There are features we have in the hospitals only, but we don’t know yet how accurate these sensors and their results .

The company has not disclosed the battery capacity numbers, but they withstand up to 18 hours of normal usage and 6 hours of intensive use and continuous .

Previous available selection prices according to the manufacturers of it if it’s aluminum or stainless steel and if the network supports calling and GPS.

The price of the Apple Watch Ceres 4

Prices start from $ 435 in the Middle East as stated in the press statement of the East branch of the Emirates, any 1600 AED, and that the price is high for the prices that came to the conference and reach prices up to $ 700 to the proportion of stainless steel are also available a wide selection of bands, whether metal or rubber sports.

Design and new features for Apple TV-series Photo 4

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