Design is most unusual for iPhone’s future

Unveiled the Apple unveiled the iPhone X is the screen from edge to edge in the last year, where the company received a lot of criticism about the design of the device, and specifically to extrusion at the top of the screen.

Though it is with the version of hardware XS and XS Max and XR, we may find that more of a fan of iPhone and they’ll try these devices with a new design, has it comes to accept the extrusion at the top significantly.

التصميم التصوري الأكثر غرابة لهواتف iPhone

Due to Apple making some big changes in the iPhone with the advent of 2019. According to current rumors, the cameras TrueDepth of Apple TV you will receive some of the updates are brilliant and not just downsizing.

So this time when Apple is busy in finalizing the design of the final phone, iPhone 2019, some artists started to give us their vision of your personal what the future holds for Apple TV the most famous.

The artist Antonio De Rosa, he owns the solution that you need to make your iPhone more distinctive from the rest of the others.

التصميم التصوري الأكثر غرابة لهواتف iPhone

When looking at a series of qualifying new and interesting published in the official blog, The puts De Rosa his idea that he should not be on Apple to change the phone’s name its future. “Apple Phone”, but also given the phone a new look by push of the extrusion to the left.

But why on Apple TV that you slide the extrusion to the left?

According to De Rosa, the general idea is that by the offset of the extrusion to one side of the screen, it will provide “more space for icons and other information” appearing on the screen.

التصميم التصوري الأكثر غرابة لهواتف iPhone

Most importantly, this design will make the iPhone is markedly different from Android devices, including the Google Pixel 3, and Huawei P20, and OnePlus 6, LG G7, وV40 ThinQ. Says De Rosa.

التصميم التصوري الأكثر غرابة لهواتف iPhone

Include other features observed in the design of the De Rosa, the presence of pen a private letter on the phone, in addition to the camera system of five lenses installed in the cell is referred to as +Apple Quadra, including the four sensors 12 megapixel big lens accurately 20 megapixel.

التصميم التصوري الأكثر غرابة لهواتف iPhone

التصميم التصوري الأكثر غرابة لهواتف iPhone

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