Designed a glove that lets you feel the shape of objects in virtual reality

Thanks to the efforts of companies such as HTC, Sony and Oculus virtual reality is becoming more widespread. However, even super realistic VR world there’s just one problem: the brain can and can be fooled by showing them a pretty picture, but the tactile sensation of presence to convey is extremely difficult, because we control the character by using a very specific (albeit comfortable) controller. But that could change thanks to the invention of gloves that allows you to feel physical contact in virtual reality.

Responsible for the development engineers from the Federal Polytechnic school of Lausanne and ETH Zurich. The “frame” of the device is, surprisingly, a normal glove, but that’s on her fingers from the back side placed special electrostatic brakes.

The principle of device gadget and work electrostatic brakes

Each brake consists of 2 strips of metal, one above the other. Both bars in the normal state does not restrict movements. However, when a voltage is applied to one of them there is a force of attraction between the metal sheets, which prevents bending. In addition to the glove fixed sensors that allow to monitor the position of the hand and correlate it with the movement in the virtual space.

Having developed this technology, scientists could only calibrate the software and to begin testing. During tests, volunteers were asked to interact with virtual objects of various shapes and move them.

Interaction with objects in a virtual environment

In addition, the glove transmits sensations from touching objects, and allows to distinguish the form and density, it was found that its use also improves the accuracy of manipulations in comparison with standard controllers and the load, which is able to withstand an electrostatic brake is about 2 pounds.

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