Designed processors, ARM says that the next version will be faster, 60% in the artificial intelligence

مصممة المعالجات ARM تقول أن النسخ القادمة ستكون أسرع 60% في الذكاء الاصطناعي

Think ARM a leader in the design and development of the techniques of the chips and processors used in smart phones and less on computers, laptops, and present their technology in processors Mali known and existing in the majority of flagship phones in addition to the processors and the central core Cortex. This being ARM sells its technology to manufacturers for products to be additions within them, as do Samsung and Qualcomm, Huawei and others.

The company says that the latest development in the field of the chips used in the phones will raise the speed of the processor, Mali-G77 about 40% more than the previous version, in addition to 60% more in relation to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Of course, this speed will be accompanied by also providing great energy thanks to new technologies that will provide 40% more than the previous.

Said ARM also detects the design of the central processor Cortex-A77 which comes by improved from its predecessor A76 and in most of the flagship phones from the big companies, this processor will be faster by about 20% for each of the circuit without impact on the efficiency next to offer greater speed by about 35% in processing artificial intelligence compared to the older generation.

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