Designed to raise a lawsuit against Adobe because of the glitch caused the deletion of his

Adobe Premiere Pro

In the early days programmes in productivity, in the case of give your computer or your software suddenly, you lose all your business. But the developers at the moment they incorporate the tools into their applications to provide for the permanent data of the user to ensure it is not lost if something unexpected happened, which allows you to retrieve your work later.

In fact, Adobe Premiere Pro on a system like this to help in the work of the backup while the user is working on it. However, it seems to be a bug in the program caused the issuer, The Independent Dave Cooper in the Delete years of work. One of the features of Adobe Premiere Pro called ” cleaning the cache“, which is basically you empty the cache to achieve more storage space. Is the use of cache usually during the course of the work to help create backup copies for the project, users have the option to clear it as soon as you finish them.

But according to Dave Cooper, during the process of clearing the cache, claim that it is not deleted operations and duplicate only, it was also clear many of the files and data that were not part of the folder Media Cache or sub-directories. During his conversation with the position of the Motherboard, said the lawyer, David Deal which represents the bank Dave Cooper : ” files that have been deleted it was a clip of the original as well as files that were the result of transactions conducted by. Use an independent, who you are and what you own is your business. If you don’t have your job, it may not be a designer too. “

And Dave Copper that he had lost about 100 video clip indicating that the value of these videos $ 250 thousand USD. IT company Adobe has admitted previously to this problem, and hastened to issue a solution to it, but not before he loses Dave Cooper’s work. Try Dave Cooper and his counsel access to the settlement with Adobe before filing the lawsuit against the company, but she refused it.


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