Despite the ban.. Huawei add to the identity of their version of EMUI 10 of the Android Q

The company stressed that Huawei already to Android Q will be to some of its smart phones, where the leaked is built early EMUI 10 based on Android Q, which explains the dictates of Huawei’s work on the ban, it has been confirmed that this live version of EMUI 10 is based on Android Q by XDA-Developers, I have succeeded in running it on the P30 Pro to confirm that it is real, but of course, since the pre-release version not be things in which to clear fully so we will have to wait until it is published release officially.

The specification of the version of EMUI 10 for Phones Huawei

برغم الحظر..Huawei تعلن عن استقبال هواتفها إصدار EMUI 10 من Android QDespite the ban..Huawei announces the reception of its phones new version of Android Q

No changes are relatively small, do not see the user interface the overall a lot of changes visually, with a note to the developers of XDA that the operator and status bar and Quick Settings, Notifications, and settings are all identical to EMUI 9.1 which is the previous version, in Menu “Settings” despite the existence of controls in the new permissions of the Android Q in EMUI 10 including then site open “only during use”.

It is also noted that the user interface of the camera has changed a bit, the most prominent site WinFuture screenshots of EMUI 10 using the dark mode, the new Android Q, where the women deep into the Settings app in addition to tool Google search on the Home screen, moreover it is unclear what is owned by Huawei to EMUI 10.

Apparently find some users who have installed the version leaked that it’s noticeably faster versions of EMUI 9.1, and apparently also the general stability of the building fairly strong with “no major problems” have been reported by impressions Early, we hope that things are going to license Android from Huawei so the company can actually provide such a construction to their customers.

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