Despite the challenges: Huawei expects to sell 270 million smartphones this year

Huawei Mate 30

Despite all the difficulties faced by the company Huawei, the Chinese and the moves by the government of the United States of America, except that the company apparently expects to achieve a sweeping success in the current year, and confirmed Company President Ren Zhengfei that it expects to ship 270 million smart phone in the market. If you get this, you’ll be able to Huawei shipment of 70 million additional telephone what had shipped in the past year 2018, which sold the company about 200 million phone.

And recall that the company Samsung Korean has managed to ship around 300 million phones in the last year, this means that Huawei has been approaching the study of intimate this year, and may surpass it in the coming year 2020 if it continues the format of its sales for.

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