Despite the losses, Why do you insist Sony on the production of smartphones?

Despite the losses, the big company Sony continues to pay every year a number of its phones, and today defended the president and CEO of Sony on the smart phone business of the company describing it as the element of “necessary” in the work of its own hardware, says Kenichiro Yoshida, Sony CEO, said that Sony will not withdraw from the smartphone industry any time soon.

The size of the losses of Sony in a smartphone

شركة سوني تعلق على خسائرها من الهواتف الذكيةSony comment on the loss of phones

Despite large losses made by the department in recent years, still Sony phones are considered a necessary component, especially the younger generations, during the last fiscal year, was able Sony only shipped 6.5 million Xperia just losing run about $ 879.5 million, these numbers represent barely 1% of the total market.

Adds the administrator of the company in his remarks on this matter: “We see that those phones as devices for entertainment and necessary to make our brand of sustainable… why are the younger generations watching the TV, point the first touch is a smart phone”, apparently, the majority of sales in Europe and Japan, in an attempt to reduce those losses I mentioned Sony it will focus its efforts in the field of smart phones on the four markets, only Japan, Europe and Hong Kong and Taiwan, this does not mean that Sony will stop sales in other regions, but will “focus” on other parts of the world.

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