Despite the non-elected him… Tim Cook is a boy for Donald Trump

You may not find the audience something of the gravity in the follow-up to schedule interviews for the chief executive of Apple Tim Cook, as much as their passion for pursuing the company’s products, however, what floats on the surface of the news imposes itself on the reader raises many questions.ترامب

Where the president went to the American Donald Trump to plant the Apple in Austin, Texas, where it is assembling the Mac Pro, has Trump already visits similar to the workshop Louis Vuitton near Dallas, grinder paper in South Toledo, Ohio. These visits in the framework of strengthening and revitalizing manufacturing in the United States, which is without doubt a vital step in the shadow of the growing concerns of the economic recession faced by the US economy recently, especially with the strained trade relations between the United States and China.

Boy Trump


However, the news of the increase Trump the interests of Apple in Texas cannot read it impartially as the rest of the increase Trump the factories of America to the other, any person follow-up letters Trump utterances in different occasions, noticed a convergence between the Trump and the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook. He has Trump on to praise the Cook as CEO of large and successful because it is related, while some chief executives don’t say so, in an indication that there is regular contact between the Cook and Trump. As Trump took the news was announced by Tim Cook earlier that Apple will support the U.S. economy $ 350 million beginning in 2018 until 2023, as evidence of the success of his policy initiated by the year 2017, when the reduction of taxes on companies, worth a trillion dollars. I became wrong with Trump mass revolves mainly around the investment, the model of Apple, including the sum of 350 million dollars is a common one among them.


Apple is so dependent on Chinese factories, most of the other US corporations, and was expected to include the work Apple in some form or another due to differences commercial and Economic between the United States and China, but that somehow did not happen, is that one of the fruits of the convergence and health the close relationship between Donald Trump and Tim Cook, where he remained the apple away from the political crises of the contemporary.

While there are differences between Jeff Bezos CEO of Amazon and Trump, while Reserves Management in Facebook to continue below the level of executive leadership with the government of Trump, which of course cause damage to both companies, do not find cook any reservations about the declaration on the extent of the relationship with the American president, but that so openly, where he was the last positions to have dinner with him last August.

If this approach to life that follows, Tim Cook, will fully achieve the aspiration of the Apple, whether we agreed or disagreed with him.

The secret of the friendship between Trump and Coco


The allegations Trump cascading with the Apple company from the benefits and returns of the US economy estimated at $ 350 million, can reply to them that the Apple does not manufacture its devices in their interests, but rather depends on Chinese factories primarily contracts with a network of subcontractors scattered around the world, and that the Trump visited recently was owned by the commandline, i.e. that the elevator is old already, then the same source was a stand alone job in assembling the device, the Mac Pro since 2013, he is currently working on the compilation of the new version of the same device, if, The Apple company did not create any new sources in the United States, and did not run and hire more labor, and help by Apple in the US economy did not increase from those contribution since he was a former President Barack Obama in the government.

On the other hand, the profits achieved by Apple, does not return to the US economy, but is enjoyed by shareholders of the shareholders of the company, and, of course, have made a good profit after reducing the corporate tax.

In time the Trump promotion and training on the success of his decision to reduce the tax on companies, the Cook had directly benefited from his relationship with the president, since the adoption of Apple’s Chinese factories, the decision to Trump the imposition of taxes on the technical components of China, may harm Apple seriously and puts Apple in the position of suitable weak in front of other companies like Samsung, seems not to apply this decision until now due to the strong friendship between Trump and cook.

Although Cook previously donated to discount Trump in the American election and support the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, but Cook has resigned from the real benefits of volatility with Trump, and ask him publicly, aside from the many considerations you must account, such as entity a company like Apple, which is valued at over a billion dollars, and employs more than 100 thousand employees, and the fact store the users data in any cloud on the servers of the Chinese government, some of the images taken with the US president, and the consequent political difficulties, It shame person caused to the reputation of the Cook, including by the hypocrisy of a political authoritarian, but it is a small price to pay to ensure the continued success of Apple, some even think that Apple’s continued success dependent on the survival of Cook in his position as Chief Executive Officer of the company, and that rapprochement with the US president of the significant benefits, both represented in the postponement of the application of the resolutions of the tariff on Chinese imports, or the decision to reduce corporate taxes.

Whether you agree or differ with Tim Cook, Do you think what he’s doing is beneficial to Apple, we shared what you think in the comments.



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