Despite the problems, Huawei are market 5G 50 contract commercial

Huawei Company

During the summit, ” 5G Is Now ” in the country’s economic capital of China Shanghai, saw the managing director of Huawei the opportunity to successfully police in Sector 5G. He said that Huawei is specialized in the manufacture of communication equipment managed to secure 50 commercial contracts all over the world, making it the largest resource to find out 5G in the world.

Exceeding the company’s shipments barrier 150 thousand units and contracts to countries such as South Korea, Finland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. For the second, it was of share of the company Nokia, which succeeded in the signing of 30 contracts, while it was ranked third of the share of the company Ericsson, which has managed to sign 18 contracts.

Controlled company Huawei on the market because of the patents of 2160 related to 5G, while stretching your Nokia about 1516 patented. Statistics indicate that 34 percent of the equipment for 5G come from China, and South Korea acquires 25 percent of the market, while the United States and Finland to about 14 percent each, and Sweden over 8 percent only.

It seems that, despite the U.S. ban on equipment 5G, a subsidiary of Huawei, it has the company succeeded in maintaining its leadership in all parts of the world.


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