Despite the statements of Trump.. Huawei is still in the Black List

It seems that the US Commerce Department continues to deal with Huawei for it within the black list of companies that don’t have to deal with it, this news came despite the announcement by President Donald Trump that will create restrictions on companies that sell equipment to Chinese telecom, Reuters reported that high-level officials in the field of development, the U.S. Department of Commerce has confirmed that the company is still listed in the list of entities that dangerous and that the policy of refusing to deal with them is still valid.

Site Huawei is still a mystery

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Comes after the approval of the Trump to lift some of the restrictions imposed by executive order in May to try to start business talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, then chairman of the National Economic Council Larry Kudrow that American companies can only sell the products widely available to Huawei, the company had Huawei the subject of national security concerns the U.S. has long been due to the presence of having suspicious ties with the Chinese government believing that its equipment can be used for, and she doubts that the implementation of the company.

Still company Huawei is not sure of its position with corporate America, said she’s also waiting to hear from the Ministry of trade about the use of the operating system Google Android in mobile devices in the future, and even now didn’t know the US Commerce Department about it and did not improve the position of the Chinese company.

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