Detailed Dragonhinge source by TCL will be used in more devices folding


At the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019 currently held in Barcelona, Spain, we saw many smart phones collapsible. We’ve seen companies such as Samsung reveal her smart phone rollaway Galaxy Fold, and Huawei says is the other detects her smart phone rollaway Huawei Mate X. As a result, we we can’t when we saw that other companies require a turn to launch its smart phones collapsible.

This includes the TCL Chinese, which exposes several prototypes for plug folding which is achieved thanks to the design of the joint Dragonhinge the situation on the patent. While get flexible screen Unbreakable is one of the key features for smart phones folding, the app also plays an important role, and with Dragonhinge, the company hopes to TCL to be able to create all sorts of devices folding planned and launched in the next year.

Speaking to CNet, said Director General of marketing at TCL, Mr. Stefan Streit : ” we see the opportunity to bring something new to the market… because there are many different ways that you can do folds devices. We don’t want to do the same usual things. “

In the last week, it was reported that the company is working on a different set of hardware folding designs are different, the company has showcased the prototypes of such devices already in the Mobile World Congress MWC 2019. At the moment, still hardware folding expensive to a large extent, still their usefulness is not clear, but it seems that TCL is committed to launching devices folding in the future.


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