Detailed review for Huawei Honor Play

Accelerating companies have different smartphones such as Shawty and Huawei in the simulation era of highlighting the fashionable designs for her phones, in the recent period company designed many smart phones are similar in design with top global brands such as Apple, among these companies are Huawei, which has implemented it in her phone. the new Huawei Honor Play which came design resembles pretty much a giant phone iPhone X, where to put the Huawei phone Huawei Honor Play note like that found in the iPhone X, has came phone Huawei Honor Play with impressive features makes it one of the phones of the competition for this year, Below we will make a comprehensive review for Huawei Honor Play looked on all the specifications of the phone.

  • Screen phone Huawei Honor Play

Features Phone Huawei Honor Play a great came accurately 1080×2340 is of type IPS LCD, also came to the phone screen size is rather large which is 6.3 inches!, the As for the pixel density comes 409 pixels per inch and the dimensions of 19:5.9, either the brightness of the display was the brightness of her gorgeous during the presence of sunlight they show all the details without any problems.

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  • The structure and design of the phone Huawei Honor Play

Features Phone Huawei Honor Play duty wallpaper modern and fun, the phone is made of metal strength, also the phone came with a large size, it weighs 176 grams! Dimensions 157.9 x 74.27 x 7.48 mm, which is considered rather heavy during the campaign, as for the external components of the phone we find that in the top there is a microphone port which increases the noise, the front right we find the power button and a button low and high level images, as the left side of the phone a girl to enter phone chip.

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The phone features down to the port to link the shipper and amplifier headphones external as well as the port of heaven, as there is in the front of the phone to hear calls and front camera as well as there is no flash for the front camera, on the back we find that the phone has on the back on the rear camera, double flash etc as well as a fingerprint sensor.

The company provided the phone in three colors blue, black and purple and red, in that taking into account all the tendencies and tastes.

  • Camera phone Huawei Honor Play

Came camera background accurately excellent 16 mega pixel for the first time and accurately 2 mega pixels for the second came lens the initial girl lens by f/2.2 as well as came to the aperture of the second by F/2.4, also tend rear camera and some of the nurses and the Salvation such as shooting mode, panorama as well as auto focus through the discovery phase or by the use of laser technology, as well as features a camera with Face Detection, The Flash of the camera, suddenly the phone flash powerful of the kind in Leeds.

  • The performance of the camera in photography

Photography experience camera the background during the light of day characterized by clear and show detail without any distortion, as well as colors, but for photography in low light it performed well but could cause some confusion as a result of the lack of flash in front of me.

Came to filming the video to rear camera to provide a sophisticated and excellent quality, where you can rear camera filming 1080p video at 30 Frame Per Second also, and this precision given to resolution video the emergence of clear details during export.

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  • The front camera of the phone Huawei Honor Play

Came front camera for Huawei Honor Playبفتحة wide lens, where it came to accurately 16 mega pixel with lens F/2.0 and front camera also shoot video accurately 1080p at 30 frame per second, and the front camera is on the account helps to capture better images.

  • The performance of the phone Huawei Honor Play

Features of this phone with potential to make the performance outstanding in all respects such as the Games performance in general, due to the strength of the processor as it eight-core processor is a type Hisilicon Kirin 970 “4 the nuclei of the initial to come to the design A73 frequency of 2.36 GHz + 4 cores to the door and come Design-A53 frequency of 1.84 GHz” processor and graphics type Mali-G72 MP12, as well as the phone features a radio at a speed of 4 giga bytes for the initial size of an internal memory of 64 GB, as the women came second at a speed of 6 GB memory, random with a size of 64 GB, Can you provide the size of memory card the external memory to 256 GB.

  • Important information on phone Huawei Honor Play

  • The phone supports networks of second and third generation, fourth, and GPS also free Wi-Fi.
  • Under the content box of the phone on the phone charger is a header and a link to the phone, as well as the guarantee of the phone to ensure the rights of the questionnaire in case of any malfunction, as well as there is a guide of how to use the phone, as directed by the pin to open the outlet slide.
  • The phone features the latest Android operating system 8.1 Oreo

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  • Phone Huawei Honor Play

Features this phone battery is of batteries excellent in the smartphone market at the present time, we find that the size of the battery is excellent and very cool, it’s really special, as it features battery charging technology Quick Charge 3 which is excellent, you can use the battery for days and also shipped quickly.

  • Features of the Huawei Honor Play

  • We find that the price of a cheap phone
  • The phone features with a powerful processor and outstanding performance
  • The phone features a camera, front and rear premium
  • The size of the battery is excellent too
  • The structure and design is similar in X
  • The presence of note
  • Sensor fingerprint phone
  • The presence of fingerprint, facial recognition
  • The presence of fast charging technology
  • The presence of radio
  • Disadvantages of Huawei Honor Play

  • The presence of the heavens to the bottom of the phone than live sound sometimes when you hold your
  • See some users that the similarity of design with the iPhone the EXE did not confer creativity and new learning
  • There is no headset with phone head iPhone

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  • Assessment of the Huawei Honor Play

Came this phone with many great features especially the writer reports it has camera is excellent especially the front camera, despite the lack of flash in front of me but it’s the same excellent accuracy of 16 megapixels, and processor the phone came eight nuclei, which provides an excellent performance of the phone, whether in normal use or to use in running games with high graphic, not the processor, but the phone came with a memory random excellent help and strong to run the strongest and best games, as for our assessment of the battery, and we find it very suitable for the size its excellent, this as well as being shipped with Fast shipping, The phone came with all metal body and this is what provides you with complete protection and excellent anti-shock, and raised my anger that there is no headset with the phone and this is something so bizarre, you will not save the company anything if supplied with this fish, have sought to Huawei through this phone attract the users to design the phone on the phone model iPhone X where the existence of the note in the phone screen.

As for the phone’s price is competitive, and we find many phones in the same category of companies other companies such as Shaw and OBO before you purchase a phone and make a quick comparison between this phone and the phones of other companies to hit the best selection for you.

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Detailed review for Huawei Honor Play

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