Detailed review for Xiaomi Mi 8 advantages and disadvantages of

Use Xiaomi company in the development of its smart phones issued phones for all categories of high, medium and low, where you want to dominate smartphone market in developing countries especially, the famous company Xiaomi in previous years, remarkably this is a result of its efforts the large version of the phones have a high level of efficiency, whether in the category of low or medium to high currently, and is learning about the new phone among the many phones in the past few months, where the company announced the Xiaomi Chinese phone Xiaomi Mi 8 died last May, 2018, the Below we’ll show you the specifications of this phone in detail.

  • Camera phone Xiaomi Mi 8

As usual, many of the companies in the recent period the use of their camera to double, put the Xiaomi phone Xiaomi Mi 8 rear camera Double accurately 12 mega pixels for each lens girl lenses f/1.8 and the other girl Lens f/2.4, as expected by many actresses such as artificial intelligence, which the state works to improve the quality of the image, as well as the feature of geo-tagging, touch focus, face detection, HDR, panorama and all of the properties and modern in any camera sophisticated, as for the front camera comes lens single girl Lens f/2.0 and accurately to 20 mega pixels which is excellent accuracy.

As for the Live trade camera phone Xiaomi Mi-8 was experience camera experience, the experience of camera in daylight so distinct, where appear all the details without any interference, as for its performance in low light was great too. there’s no any distortion and that due to some opinions of the use and try the phone physically.

As for the video you can the camera video is strictly p 2160 at 60 frames per second and export بدقةp 1080 at 30 frames per second, which is excellent quality.

  • The performance of the phone Xiaomi Mi 8

Features phone Xiaomi Mi-8 with a powerful processor is one of the most powerful processors phones Shawty-type Snapdragon 845 equipped with eight cores from Qualcomm, it also comes with a processor graphics type Adreno 630 is a processor fee new to improve the performance of the phone in general, as for the RAM comes phone Xiaomi Mi 8 memory random speed of 6 GB and internal memory of 64 or 128 or 256 GB, and supports external memory cards.

Features phone Xiaomi Mi 8 powerful performance in the games he is stronger games this is because of the processor, memory, random, and in the same context, the phone comes running Android (oreo 8.1) which activate and accelerate performance more and more with the interface of MIUI 10.

  • Screen and design The phone Xiaomi Mi 8

This handset comes to designing distinct and stylish fits the case of the continuous development between the companies of smart phones, as phone Xiaomi Mi 8 Screen Type Super AMOLED display which is not affected by the sun, and comes the size of 6.21 inches dimensions 18.7:9 and dimensions are very good where they took the Shao dialogue well, as for the accuracy of the screen comes the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 8 accurately might $ 1080*2248 pixel density pixels 402 pixels per inch, the screen is also equipped with the sonship can x by the sensor footprint of the face, and in general the screen was excellent in brightness during the day, as the screen comes up with strong protection from type Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which is of the stronger types of the layers of protection they are against breakage and shock, as come the dimensions of the phone Xiaomi Mi 8 dimension 154.9 x 74.8 x 7.6 mm size g 175 making it easy to carry easily.

As for the overall structure of the phone Xiaomi Mi 8 is placed in the front of the phone front camera as well as headphones calls and a microphone calls, as for the back of the Viola dual camera as well as its flash is powerful flash of the kind in Leeds, the sensor footprint as well as company logo Shao, as for the right side of the phone Viola button Power buttons to rise and lower the volume, and the left side we find the entrance to the SIM cards, either on the bottom of the phone, Viola. USB Port C for the poor internal voice, but there is no port for the headset, as well as there are external speakers down.

  • Battery for mobile phone Xiaomi Mi 8

Comes phone Xiaomi Mi 8 battery distinct in terms of size, they are of the type Lithium polymer battery which is non removable as well as come The size of a very cool, where the battery capacity of 3400 mm, it also features fast charging technology, as you could hold up a battery at work for 22.37 hours during talk time in your phone, and also 11.09 an hour while browsing sites on the internet, and 14.03 during playback of videos and songs.

  • Important information about phone Xiaomi Mi 8

  • Available phone Xiaomi Mi 8 Color Black, Blue, Golden
  • Inside the phone box and charger as well as a link to the charger pod to protect your back and the phone and headphones and PIN to enter the slide as well as manual use of the phone and warranty, as well as the adapter with the phone converts the Port Type C to 3.5 Milli headphones.
  • Price 420$ for 64 GB with 6 GB RAM.
  • Features phone Xiaomi Mi 8

  • Powerful processor running the most powerful games
  • Excellent camera front and rear
  • A suitable price for the possibilities
  • A fingerprint sensor is very fast
  • NFC-enabled is for remote control devices
  • Support fingerprint, facial
  • Internal memory its great
  • Supports fast charging technology
  • The size of the battery is excellent
  • Disadvantages of phone Xiaomi Mi 8

  • Does not support the entrance of the earphones 3.5 mm
  • Does not support the installation of the memory card external
  • Does not support feature wireless charging
  • Evaluation of phone Xiaomi Mi 8

I didn’t create Shawty its promise of producing phones with high quality, call my Xiaomi Mi-8 is a good example, he saw for this phone to its potential distinct especially processor and RAM this phone features a processor of the more powerful processors found in smartphones currently, but raised are the lack of phone support for the entrance to the headphones 3.5 mm as well as the lack of phone support for installation of memory card external!, the As for the camera, I see it is excellent especially after rating a site of their quality as ranked by this site it the best camera iPhone x! By assessing this site, the price of the phone is not overpriced and is not good but it’s average and acceptable.

  • Photo phone Xiaomi Mi 8

xiaomi mi8 2 عربى تك 150x150 - مُراجعة تفصيلية لهاتف Xiaomi Mi 8 مُميزات وعيوب
xiaomi mi8 3 عربى تك 150x150 - مُراجعة تفصيلية لهاتف Xiaomi Mi 8 مُميزات وعيوب
xiaomi mi8 4 عربى تك 150x150 - مُراجعة تفصيلية لهاتف Xiaomi Mi 8 مُميزات وعيوب
xiaomi mi8 5عربى تك 150x150 - مُراجعة تفصيلية لهاتف Xiaomi Mi 8 مُميزات وعيوب
عربى تك 150x150 - مُراجعة تفصيلية لهاتف Xiaomi Mi 8 مُميزات وعيوب
مي 8 عربى تك 150x150 - مُراجعة تفصيلية لهاتف Xiaomi Mi 8 مُميزات وعيوب

  • What is the difference between a phone Mi 8 Explorer and the phone Xiaomi Mi 8

As for the difference between the issuance of the Xiaomi Mi-8 and the issuance of the Mi-8 Explorer, the latter comes equipped with a fingerprint embedded in the phone’s screen while comes first, as usual, most of the phones sensor fingerprint in the rear, while come Explorer back transparent while the normal back non-transparent, it also comes version Explorer memory random top at a speed of 8 GB, while as we mentioned the normal version come with the memory random 6 Gb, while the card comes a Explorer with a capacity of less than the regular version, is also available by Explorer property of the wealthy de vis while comes normal with no seen face, come version Mi 8 at a price less than the version Explorer.

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