Detailed review for Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Company is going to Shao in all directions and the goal are one, which is complete control over the markets and tastes, it has subsequently launched its own series of water Max which has launched the issuance of two previous, and is have launched a second version in July 19 of this year, as this comes to the phone and called the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 features premium compete strongly on the arena of smart phones this year, the following we will present a detailed review of phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

  • Camera phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Tend camera background accurately excellent 12 mega pixel for the first time and accurately 5 mega pixel for the second (aperture F/1.9 for the first time), distinguished as the rear camera and some of the nurses and the Salvation such as shooting mode, panorama as well as the property of the famous auto-focus, as well as featuring a camera’s a good time to put Porter buffer for the background, as the flash of the camera, suddenly the phone flash powerful of the kind in Leeds.

  • The performance of the camera in photography

Photography experience camera the background during the light of day is clear and show the details well, as well as colors, but for photography in low light it performed well.

Came to filming the video to rear camera to provide a sophisticated and excellent quality, as can the rear camera shoot video at 2160p at the rate of 30 frame per second and also shoot video accurately 720p and 1080 pixel at 30 Frame Per Second also, and this precision given to resolution video the emergence of clear details during export.

  • Front camera for Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Came front camera for Xiaomi Mi Max 3 girl wide lens, where it is stated accurately 8 mega pixel with lens f/2.0, as put Shawty for the front camera flash front which promotes their capabilities, where the Shawty this problem with this phone is the lack of flash in front of me, and the front camera also shoot video accurately 1080p at 30 frame per second.

  • The performance of the phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Features of this phone with potential to make the performance outstanding in all respects such as the Games performance in general, due to the strength of the processor as it eight-core processor is a type Qualcomm SDM636 Snapdragon 636 (a fast 1.8 GHz) processor graphics type Adreno 509, as well as the phone features a radio at a speed of 4 giga bytes for the initial size of an internal memory of 64 GB, as the women came second at a speed of 6 GB memory random size of 128 GB, and you can provide size memory card external memory to 256 GB.

  • Screen phone, Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Features Phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3 a distinct come 1080×2160 is of type IPS LCD, also came to the phone screen size is rather large which is 7 inches!, the As for the pixel density comes 345 pixels per inch and the dimensions of the 18:9, and the screen brightness was the brightness of her excellent while the rays of the sun it shows all the detail without any distortion

  • The structure and design of the phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Features phone Meyer Max 3 duty wallpaper modern and fun, the phone is made of aluminium, as the phone came with a large size it weighs 221 grams! Dimensions 176.2×87.4×8, which is considered rather heavy during the campaign, as for the external components of the phone we find that in the top there is the entrance to the heavens, and the third-party right we find the power button and a button low and high level images, as the left side of the phone girl to enter the cards slide.

The phone features down to the port to link the shipper and the speakers of headphones external, as there is in the front of the phone to hear calls and front camera, flash, on the back we find that the phone has on the back on the rear camera, double flash etc as well as a fingerprint sensor and the company logo.

The company provided the phone in three colors blue, black and gold, and in it take account of all tastes.

  • Phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

Features this phone battery is of batteries are unique in the market of smart phones in Current Time, few what is Find Phone are the size of his cards to 5500 mAh!!, the It’s really great, it also features battery charging technology Quick Charge 3 which is excellent, you can use the battery for days and also shipped it very quickly!!.

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  • Important information about phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

  • The phone supports networks of second and third generation, fourth, and GPS also free Wi-Fi.
  • Under the content box of the phone on the phone charger is a header and a link to the phone, as well as the guarantee of the phone to ensure the rights of the questionnaire in case of any malfunction, as well as there is a guide of how to use the phone, as directed by the pin to open the outlet slide.
  • The phone features the latest Android operating system 8.1 Oreo

The advantages and disadvantages of phone Xiaomi Mi 8 SE

  • Features Phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

  • There is a phone control technique in hardware.
  • The phone features with a powerful battery that hold for large.
  • The phone features a great performance and eight-core processor as well as Ram powerful.
  • The design of the phone on the same model phones World.
  • The phone supports a fingerprint sensor as well as sensor Fingerprint Face.
  • Give the rear camera image is distinct and crisp.
  • The phone features at an excellent price.
  • Not issued any comment from the users about the existence of a problem in the heat of the phone are working efficiently.
  • Disadvantages of phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

  • A fundamental flaw of the drawbacks of the phone is the large size of the screen as well as the big weight.
  • The quality of the front camera is not so good.
  • I didn’t put the headset in phone box
  • Can be used together or partner and external memory this of the drawbacks of the phone.

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  • Ratings for Xiaomi Mi Max 3

In our evaluation, always keep in mind the price point and the possibilities with because you can’t separate this from that refer their close, and a focal point in expressing an opinion on the ratings, we find that the price of the phone is suitable for the capabilities not directly in it, the camera is the rear came with excellent precision and great improvement to capture a better image, the company has provided two versions of the phone to fit the phone with all the needs and requirements of providing a copy of the initial memory random Speed 4 GB memory internal 64 GB, it also provided a second copy back a random Speed 6 GB memory internal 128 GB, and of course the processor Snapdragon octa-core in the fabric, I see that these possibilities can’t run any games and programs on your phone, whatever the Require of the graphic possibilities, Either our battery it is really a card Legendary is already unique of its kind size 5500 mAh and fast charging is something he wants you too in daily use.

You know on the bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3

As for the problem of the phone’s size and weight, I see that the size of the phone is not the problem but the weight of the weight of the phone is already a problem, because it enhances the strength of the hit as well as live the process of a campaign is easy, but you can avoid is the force of the collision through the installation of the adhesive to protect the strong as well as the pod behind me Darkness is strong, it protects him from any concerns about colliding.

  • Photo phone Xiaomi Mi Max 3

  • Videos for the Xiaomi Mi Max 3

You can see the open phone box through the following link: HERE

Detailed review for Xiaomi Mi Max 3

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