Detailed review of phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung of the leading global companies in the manufacturing world of smart phones, and wait for world phones that company with a great passion like the phones Apple exactly, when you know Samsung phone new Vita comes in mind out a product very valuable with techniques never experienced before, has Samsung announced the phone this season which phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is waiting impatiently a lot of users and developers, and the company announced the issuance of the phone in this month of year the month of August, this phone comes with features jabbar, Below we present a detailed review of all aspects of this phone are accurate and simple.

  • Screen phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Comes phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a screen size of 6.4 inches and is of a type for, as come display 1440*2960 pixels and also the density of pixels 514.3 pixels per inch, and the dimensions of 18.5:9, as the screen can show 16 million colors, as come Screen Phone with a very strong protection from type Corning Gorilla Glass 5, as that the angles of vision of the screen so wonderful, she clearly show during the light of the sun.

  • The performance of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Came phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with excellent performance features with a powerful processor Octa-core which is of the type Exynos 9810 (4×2.7 GHz Mongoose M3 + 4×1.8 GHz Cortex-A55)And as for the Processor, the graphic is of type Mali-G72 MP18, which gives strength to perform games as well as programs that need high possibilities where we find that the eight-core processor that makes gaming performance is very excellent especially with the presence of RAM which is a key factor in this, the phone comes by the initial two comes of internal memory size 128 GB memory random speed of 6 GB on the the second version comes with the internal memory of Size 512 GB! Memory random 8 GB, as well as allow the phone to install memory card external even 512 GB.

As for the operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the latest system currently before the Android system 9 which is Android oreo 8.1, as it didn’t distract one of the users or reviewers of this phone are that the phone heats up during use, it is warmly always good.

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  • Camera phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Came Camera the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 background the benefits of the miraculous and excellent, rising by artificial intelligence is closely connected as well as quality want, they are dual camera lens preliminary accurately 12 mega pixels and the new and innovative slots and the number first came two holes! Where in the strong light, be the aperture by F/2.4 and report automatically to the aperture of F/1.5 in the light of the night, as it came many other accurately 12 Mega Pixel also and girl Lens F/2.4. The camera comes with a flash back of a strong kind in Leeds, featuring the camera properties, many of which feature auto-focus as well as geo-tagging, Face Detection and panorama that captures the image of lengthy in a very professional.

As for Camera quality, suddenly the rear camera are excellent in during the day show every detail of the image clearly without blur, as the camera give excellent image in low light as well as in the dark extreme quality of image capture is so excellent due to the strength and quality of the rear camera. And rear camera shoot video at 2160P at the rate of 60 flew in the second as well as filming a video of 1080 at the rate of 240 frames per second!, As well as filming video at 720p at the rate of 960 frame per second!!.

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But when you talk about camera phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 The front came with 8 mega pixels and a girl Lens f/1.7, as well as contain all the features and properties of Rear camera, as for the quality of the image captured in the front camera of the phone Motorola Samsung Galaxy Note 9 they are very excellent in the light of the day as they are good in dim light this is because of the lack of flash in front camera, As you enjoy the front camera to shoot video accurately 1080p at the rate of 240 frames per second as well as thoroughly 2160 pixels at 60 frame per second as well as 720p at the rate of 960 frame per second! .

  • The design and structure of Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Came phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 wonderful design as Samsung in their designs they always come with instructions fantastic, as for the materials for the manufacture of the phone has the phone came with the manufacture of aluminium as well as came back the phone is made of durable glass design, which adds phone shape and more in terms of shape and texture, and the phone is available in black color, golden color, blue as well as color of any purple, it also comes Samsung Galaxy Note 9 The weight of a relatively heavy or dimensions 161.9*76.4*8.8 MS meters.

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As for the content of the phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9 General and virtual, and we find that the phone needs service I have Dual rear camera as well as the flash drive is of the type in Leeds and also the logo of Samsung service as well as a fingerprint sensor beneath the camera.

  • It also needs the right part of the phone me button power for the closing and opening of the phone company.
  • As for the bottom of the phone Viola Port to link the charger to the USB Type-C as well as there is an external speaker and microphone and a separate headset port 3.5 Milli.
  • And the front of the phone for me to hear the calls and the front camera, there is no Flash and front camera.
  • There in the left side button high and low volume as well as the button to your assistant’s voice Bixby.
  • But at the top of the phone we find a microphone to prevent the noise as well as a Port to enter the phone chip.

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  • Features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • The battery capacity is an excellent and very powerful.
  • The Processor of your phone is very strong as well as the the memory random.
  • High performance camera rear and front.
  • Of the biggest memories of the interior in the history of smartphones.
  • Give the company a headphone Hayden are
  • The phone supports wireless charging.
  • The phone is waterproof and dust resistant.
  • Disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  • The battery is non-removable.
  • The lack of radio support.
  • The price of the phone expensive.
  • Important things about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Want many people to know the finer details of the phone, especially the content of science, the result is the box that the phone inside the phone itself as well as the Usb Connection Type Type C, as it came the box the headset head the iPhone and also the phone inside a needle to open place slices of trafficking as well as protect the back of your phone from scratches and bumps, it also features the flag on the brochure in more than one language explain how to use the phone professionally, and offers to return the USB connector type a USB type-C, It is also recommended to return the pencils with the Samsung kit-pin switch among them to the phone easily through the pens attached.

The phone also supports the status bar of the two supports until the fourth generation, as well as the phone supports the radio and goggles alfie seen.

In the opinion of the Special to this phone if we leave the price for our thinking we can say that it’s a full PC not just a phone, but it’s different if we put the price into account, it is too expensive really, you understand me?

Detailed review of phone Samsung Galaxy Note 9

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