Detailed review of phone Samsung Galaxy On6 specifications and advantages and disadvantages of

Samsung is one of the leading companies in the industry of mobile phones, which faded version of its blockbuster users around the world, despite the fierce competition existing on the global market between them and many startups, but it has still got its place in the world market; their advantages, multi-start from price and even the system of the interior and the exterior of the phone, and within these versions released last Samsung Galaxy On6 which is the cheapest mobile phone with screen infinity a feature present in a limited number of phones in addition to many of the nurses and the salvation of the other, which includes its phone, which will be presented in this review to you choose the phone you the next:

  • The camera in Samsung Galaxy On6

Is the camera one of the factors fundamental and important in any phone which increase its value and make everyone accept it if it increased the power of the camera quality, especially with repeated use no, this phone has a front camera and the background, have high quality help to capture sound well and fast, leaving the accuracy of the rear camera 13 mega pixel camera with Aperture f/1.9 Aperture as well as health, the quality of the filming of the video to rear camera up to 1080p with a plurality of frames or snapshots per second to three framework, with the presence of LED flash to make the picture better in low light

The front camera is perfect compared to many phones of the same category, leaving the accuracy of the 8 mega pixel camera girl Lens f/1.9 as to the quality of the filming of the video by the same quality of the rear camera, as well as for recognition, all distinctive and increase the quality of sound of normal used.

Also, the camera contains other features make your phone’s camera like the camera of a professional, including geo-tagging, panoramic photography to photograph the most spacious in one image, as well as focus manual and automatic camera.

  • The performance of the Samsung Galaxy On6

Phone’s performance is among the important things to assess, which depends on both the phone sees the beginning of the size of the internal memory of the phone, and the RAM and also depends mainly on the Teletext operating system, has been attention to them accurately when making the new version of the company, signed a check on the system Android Oreo 8.0 is to be the operating system of the phone, which has several features to improve the battery performance through a property background limits which add restrictions to the applications in order not to consume energy, among its features also add Image New of your own, It also gives some choices to increase the speed of the phone.

Also comes phone Samsung Galaxy On6 with the Octa core processor type Exynos 7870 Octa, which works with a frequency of 1.6 GHz which is within the products high-tech in operation, which divides the task admirably on his intentions eight to do at full speed without increasing the temperature of the battery or damaging it, and to see the best pictures on the screen of your phone is to use the Processor graphics type Mali-T830 MP1 – quality and high accuracy in showing the colors and details of the images.

As the memory space for Samsung Galaxy On6 large compared to many phones of the same category, which amounts to 32 GB, RAM up to 3 GB of RAM, and another version of the phone an area of memory internal 64 GB, 4 GB RAM, also supports the Samsung Galaxy On6 microSD slot allowing users to increase the memory capacity of the external storage of the phone using the card as a secondary storage or an additional capacity of up to 256 GB.

  • Screen and design the Samsung Galaxy On6

The external shape of the phone and its display gives the phone a greater value has users, where the phone came a kind of Super for and Samsung by using this type due to the fact that it reflects the five The size of the sun, which makes her features more clearly in the presence of sunlight, as it has been increasing the touch sensitivity in this type of by incorporating screen sensors touch in two layers, making it thinner than others, as for the colors, they are clear value to be whiter not yellowish, black and black and other colors as they are until they show almost 16 million color, As for the screen size it up to 5.6 inches with a resolution of up to 1480*720 pixels in addition to that, the concentration intensity of the pixels of the screen amounting to 294 pixels per inch, the dimensions of the screen made the campaign more easily they are 18.5:9

The phone’s exterior design is distinctive and its clear he has adequate size for you to carry, and the colors comes in black, blue, of once order to be suitable for all tastes, where it comes to the back side of the plastic to be a good weight to it which makes carrying it easy and back camera with Flash and also a fingerprint sensor below, either place all of the buttons power and control in high and low volume Vickers, first to the right and comes the volume switch on the left.

  • Battery Samsung Galaxy On6

The mission’s focus on the quality of the phone battery when you search or buy a phone suitable, being influential on the age of the phone, so the police took care of the battery of the phone, then the phone battery lithium non-removable by the user, and a capacity of 3000 mAh, also supports battery fast charging feature, but it does not support charging feature for remote or wireless.

  • Information of interest to users of the Samsung Galaxy On6

  • The phone supports SIM type Nano-SIM.
  • The phone has a feature insight it offers sensitive insight out the bottom of the camera, as well as Sensor Proximity Sensor accelerometer.
  • The industry has been the phone of polycarbonate I solid.
  • The phone supports multi-touch.
  • Photography is more fun through challenge with the HDR in the photo.
  • When you open the top to find the phone upstairs, the entire top of the charger and the heavens links the USB.
  • The price of the phone in Egypt 3800 pounds.
  • The price of the phone in Saudi Arabia 785 SAR.
  • In the UAE, the price Samsung Galaxy On6 770 AED.
  • Note ( price may change with time passing time from the time the article was published )

Features of Samsung Galaxy On6

  • Is the phone within the phones that fits their price advantages that it provides, which vary among these actresses:
  • The phone’s operating system is one of the best operating systems which is Android Oreo 8.0 which will make the phone faster and more flexible in the development and implementation of the orders.
  • The phone supports port headphones 3.5 mm.
  • The phone supports two features that are important, namely, the radio and the OGT.
  • Are camera of the most important features of the phone especially the front due to its accuracy.
  • Power saving mode is one of properties important in any phone available in Samsung Galaxy on6.
  • Compatible phone with electronic payment service Samsung pay and NFC and MST.
  • Compatible phone with the platform Samsung knox security.
  • Support face recognition technology with a technology insight and consultancy.
  • Disadvantages of Samsung Galaxy On6

  • Does not support Phone Charging feature for remote or wireless.
  • Does not support the phone feature of IR.
  • No the phone is available only in two colors only.
  • Assessment of Samsung Galaxy On6

Offer Samsung always the best among the companies, only that this time some see that it is plain and adds new, but it contains special properties very good to make it compete with many versions for many companies.

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