Details about the Xperia possible 6 cameras background

Reviewed the latest leaks new details about the camera phone Sony’s next Xperia series which includes 6 of the rear cameras, with two cameras the front.

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Appeared leaks recently about the Xperia new is developed from Sony comes the end of cameras, to include cable rear 6 sensors, while come camera front settings double.

Today came new leaks with more details about the specification of the cable car, where the phone camera front distinctive precisely 10 mega pixel camera with sensor ToF accurately 0.3 mega pixel camera.

While the phone comes with a camera background of the distinctive sensor key 48 mega pixel camera with a lens of variable with F1.2/2.4, this to the side of the sensor 12 mega pixel camera also the lens the variable F1.2/2.4, also includes camera the rear sensor ToF accurately 0.5 mega pixel camera.

Also scheduled to come sensors other Strictly 20, 8, and 16 mega pixel camera with aperture lens the F2.4 in the sensor of the three, as refer to that sensor ToF will also come with Lens telephoto lens features an angle of view larger.


I know of

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