Details buy the iPhone for?!.. Necessary steps must be followed before the purchase

With the beginning of each new year, keep a list of purchases that we desire, and most of the time be the technological devices, electrical on the top of the list, but turn it from security to disaster if we buy any new device without his experience, especially that the phone was iPhone iPhone, so if you intend to buy a brand new iPhone you should try this steps..

Delete the trial version

You have to delete the demo account is “BETA” in the phone, to complement the tasks you have access to the settings Settings then General then Profiles folder, and delete the account that will appear to you, After do this step, move the backup to your phone.


This step is extremely important, because it aims to recover all files, photos, videos and accounts saved in your phone clock, and to get to it you must choose Settings then your profile, then iCloud, and tap on iCloud Backup, then follow the prompts and instructions to complete the process.

Do the special find on my phone

This feature is activated automatically, but in case not, head to Settings, then your profile, then iCloud, then click on Find My iPhone, and then activate the feature.

Now.. enjoy your new phone. because the previous steps will confirm to you also that it is free from manufacturing defects product.

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