Details cameras phones Samsung Galaxy A 2020 appear in the leak early!

Detect a leak earlier about the names that will launch by the Samsung phones series its successful Galaxy A for next year, by adding one number to the current figure, and now we have more details.

تفاصيل كاميرات هواتف سامسونج Galaxy A 2020 تظهر في تسريب مبكر

Details cameras phones Samsung Galaxy A 2020 appear in the leaked early

According to a tweet from the account @ Sudhanshu1414 arrangements on Twitter, it has already been uncovered specifications of the cameras next to the Galaxy A 2020, the beginning of the Galaxy A21 and even Galaxy A91.

According to the data, coming phone A21 with camera three and accurately 13+8+5 megapixel camera, the phone A31 there is other Settings Camera three 16+8+5 megapixel, as well as the A41 will have three lenses for the main camera accurately 24+8+5 Megapixel the sensor 5 megapixel camera is the star depth in the three phones.

Turning to the Galaxy A51 will get Samsung to use a full auto quad, and there will come a main lens strictly 32-megapixel camera, along with camera wide-angle 12-megapixel, camera telephoto 12 megapixel camera with zoom and 2x optical zoom sensor depth of 5 MP.

Will Galaxy A71 on the camera background accurately 48 MP sensor with wide-angle 12-Megapixel, the sensor telephoto 12-megapixel with optical zoom 2x, then sensor ToF.

Access to Galaxy A81 find sensor 64 megapixel will be paired with a camera and wide-angle 16 megapixels camera telephoto 12 megapixel with an optical zoom (source was not sure if 2x or 5x) sensor TOF.

Finally, the Galaxy A91 Khalifa Galaxy A90, which has not been disclosed yet, will benefit from the sensor new Samsung accurately 108 MP, which was announced a few days ago, to the side of the camera, a wide angle 16 megapixel, camera telephoto 12 megapixel with 5x optical zoom sensor TOF.

This will be our phones Galaxy A21 and Galaxy A31 and Galaxy A41 and Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A61 and Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A81 and Galaxy A91 wait for her in the series Galaxy A next year.

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