Details of the property AMP new in Gmail

Will soon be able to do a lot in Gmail without leaving your inbox, will allow Google Property AMP for Gmail it is “emails dynamic” supported by the AMP for the Gmail users in the third of July, after the prerelease version to customers G Suite who paid earlier this year, you’ve no doubt noticed a property of the AMP or “pages mobile accelerated” if you open the link on your phone, it’s a protocol built from Google that can download web pages using it more quickly.

The benefits of a property AMP Gmail

جوجل تتيح خاصية AMP لـ Gmail في شهر يوليو القادمGoogle enables the AMP to Gmail in the month of July.

With the AMP in Gmail users tasks web-based directly in the inbox of their own, such as filling out forms, or send up RSVPing for an event, or the response to change in Google Docs, or review images, all of it will be without open tabs a lot in your browser, you will be feature is only available for Gmail on the web, with the advent of the mobile service at an unspecified date.

Very likely to have already watched the AMP to Gmail earlier this year, with Google allowing many of its partners to send e-mail messages is dynamic, including and Despegar and Doodle and Ecwid and Freshworks and Nexxt and OYO Rooms Pinterest وredBus, although the list will probably increase, but don’t expect an onslaught of messages, dynamic e-immediately, before getting the support of AMP, the As you say Google scans the privacy and security of each of its partners shared in that service to ensure the safety of its users.

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