Details will be disclosed the launch of the Galaxy Fold within a few weeks

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Said an official at Samsung that the launch date of the new phone rollaway Galaxy Fold has not been determined yet, but should be announced ” within a few weeks. “ This means that it will be canceled pre-orders that have been submitted to Samsung through its official website on the internet, unless you request specifically from the company otherwise.

Still Samsung is working on to make the screen detailed the Galaxy Fold more tolerant, but it seems that it will take longer than originally anticipated. Because of the participation of Huawei, has been postponed the launch of the phone Huawei Mate X folding too, which gives the South Korean company some time is breathtaking.

There is an opportunity to launch the Galaxy Fold in South Korea first, before being launched in the United States of America. Includes Insiders on the plans of Samsung to launch date of the Galaxy Fold may be close to the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10 knowing that he was supposed to be issued at the origin after a short time of the launch of the series phones Galaxy S10 Series.


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