Detect a gap in the Safari browser provide a breakthrough camera for iPhone and Mac users

Discover the researcher met my Ryan Pickren loophole in the Safari browser allows hackers to eavesdrop on the owners of Apple devices running Mac, iOS, and research allow the gap to exploit the camera and microphone. in the process of trade.

Stated Pickren that the mechanism of the application and take advantage of the gap based on the obscure this fact the Safari browser that receives the permissions of the natural and safe access to the camera and microphone. just as is the case for the use of Skype; before that the user is located in a trap the hackers who build these pages using title of two web pages and the texts of certain software.

Once the success of the access permissions to be a process of trial had started across the audio capture by the microphone of the Mac and the iPhone; where is also possible to capture images and videos through the cameras of these devices.

It is clear that the date of the disclosure of vulnerabilities comes at a time where a lot of users for web camera in order to receive lessons or conduct meetings enrollment lectures due to the pandemic Corona.

For its part, had Apple send the update for the browser and close the gap in quick time detected last December; and then sent a patch for the safety of others in January and March the last two. So if you are the owners of Apple devices running Mac or iOS you have gum, make sure you have the latest security updates for the company’s products.

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