Detect laptop Razer Blade smaller custom hardware for games

الكشف عن لابتوب Razer Blade أصغر الأجهزة المُخصصة للألعاب

Revealed the company Razer unveiled the latest devices laptop series Blade, in light of the Razer Blade, the new specification is very high for the gamers.

The device comes new edges thinner than that of previous devices of the series, it also comes with a larger screen measuring 15.6 inches and a resolution HD screen come with the technology of ultra-fast which offers the speed of a large movement with a frequency of 144 Hertz.

Brings the Razer Blade with the latest Intel processors, where processor Core i7 second generation hexa-Core, Next to the Realtek screen the Max-Q series GeForce® GTX 10 NVIDIA, as the new device will support storage (SSD) up to 2 terabytes, in addition, it will support up to 32 GB of RAM, which is what makes him enjoy very, very quickly if used for games. According to the Company, this laptop would be a smaller laptop dedicated to gaming in the world.

But, this specs the device will not be useful for lovers of games, but it will be a high efficiency business other than programming and design, etc., especially since the device comes with touch screen 4K which is what makes them clear and effective for everyone.


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