Detect the company achieved 5 million Android phones to the signs of a leader with malware pre-installed

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5 مليون هاتف أندرويد مصاب ببرمجيات خبيثة مثبتة مسبقًا

Careful researchers security from malicious software in nearly five millions of Android phone in all over the world, where you installed the software RottenSys harmful phones for popular brands like Samsung, share, Huawei, up, Vivi, Jia; which allows hackers and malware to infiltrate the system Android.

According to the company Check Point Mobile Security specializing in information security the install RottenSys happens after the exit devices from the factory of origin. The young company, Tian bei China; being the official website for devices that have been installed malware, although its source is not yet confirmed.

Show software RottenSys lag after installation as a system service Wi-Fi. And to be non-active for a few days even after the initial customization of the device, but then you call check with remote servers and begin downloading the AD software without informing the user, and the display of ads in apps and web pages, often using native ads, as well as the appearance of pop-up windows on the infected machine during use.

Andmale researchers Check Point Security software RottenSys malware began to spread since September 2016. By 12 March 2018, they discovered the presence of 4.96 million device is already infected, with more than 115 thousand of the profits made by the inventors during the period 3-12 March only.

But the greatest danger lies in the use of harmful, because RottenSys embedded in the operating system and has access to the permissions the Android platform; can be used also for any other activities, using the same method to display the ads. In some cases, it was discovered that RottenSys succeeded in downloading malicious apps that would change the process interface to use.

Can’t locate the information related to the battery, and could not confirm the involvement of any of the staff of the Tian Bai in this malware campaign, or if the company had some kind of attack to insert malware into their systems. Also, manufacturers didn’t talk about it until then.

How to download any Android phone of software RottenSys it?

Possible mitigation of the impact of RottenSys by opening the phone settings menu, in the option of “apps”; look for the following items (and don’t forget to activate the option “all applications” from the top menu):

  • – 系统WIFI服务
  • – 每日黄历
  • com.changmi.launcher – 畅米桌面
  • com.system.service.zdsgt

When you find one of the items listed, you can click on it and deactivate it. Then you must uninstall the program and, if possible, delete it using one of the security applications to make sure clear of any adverse effects earlier.

Detect the company achieved 5 million Android phones to the signs of a leader with malware pre-installed

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