Detection features operating system Google “Android Q”

Features of different disclosed later operating system coming from Google, which will put Lily and specifications of the privacy of unique, bears the name of the “Android Q”.

Android Q

At the time of the establishment in which a lot of fan of the technical operating system of Google, Android Pay, which is issued by the company for the first time in August last, appeared in the horizon the features of the newer operating system, which bears even now the name of the Android Q, where striking new operating system view at first glance of what it contains of adjustments impressive.

Are the modifications to allow users to use the night mode, where that mode of being the best in terms of preserving the battery life of devices powered by the screen were OLED, it is also more comfortable to use by a lot of smartphone users.

Containing those amendments also provide additional advantages to ensure and facilitate the control of fertility, in addition to the other details we disclose in those lines.

Amendments to the special

The first of those amendments is the role of the Android Q, in facilitating the task of users, in order to find out the application of her right of access to personal data such as location and phone numbers, and also helps the operating system Google to determine the Times that will pay on the app and the user’s location, through the choice of settings between all of the “all the time”, “only when using app”, “absolute”, knowing that those apps ask in the beginning about the preferences of the site.

It should be Android Q the user via some of the signs that show the top of the screen, in the case of measuring one or more applications using location, camera, or early photos, it is important that guarantee to keep users all on the privacy needed.

In terms of features and benefits associated with the time of night, which is provided by Google through Android operating system Q, update it, where this helps the situation on the side of Health, in the protection of the eyes were from the lights of the force, that beside the role of professional technical to that mode to protect the battery life of the intelligent electronic devices, specifically those that rely on OLED screens, as we mentioned before.

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