Detection of Ferrari “Monza” SP1 وSP2

This theme is the disclosure of Ferrari “Monza” SP1 وSP2 appeared on Engadget.

Revealed Ferrari for my car “Monza” SP1 وSP2 the first two models of cars with the category of the special limited version that bears the name of “in”.

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 Made Ferrari car day the two long-established two engineering and design gives a new look to racing cars sporting the legendary past of Ferrari.

Detected, my car Ferrari “Monza” Monza SP1 وSP2 on the occasion of the day of the capital market your company at the factory in Maranello. Considered these two cars, a special category by limited of Ferrari to carry the name “in” Icona. These cars, with sports cars of the newer available today, and at the revelation of the car the coolest posed by Ferrari in the Fifties of the last century.

Designed car. “Monza” SP1 وSP2 to target a fan of collecting cars, and go by car the Parque were allocated for the race of the Ferrari, especially the car “166 or” 166 MM from 1948 that inspired the name “Parque”, to the rule of my Monza 750 و860. It is designed both models in a manner no contribution in it, and for one purpose, namely, to achieve a win-win, has contributed to solidifying the Legend of Ferrari in the Fifties of the last century by achieving victories in the world championships for sports cars.

Designed for Ferrari Monza SP1 as layers of single-seat, making it truly a unique experience behind the wheel. As for the second model, i.e. the Monza SP2, thanks to the abolition of the ceiling cover cloth and add a bottle of the protection of the second tube and the second for protection from the coup, let this car fitted with two seats for the passenger to consult the sensations of her eye that choose the driver.


Featuring Monza SP1 وSP2 unique design and the best ratio of weight to power all the cars in the “Parque”, thanks to the use of heavy carbon fiber in the construction of cars and in detail the remarkable, such as the headlights and rear wheels and the cabin, which makes the two cars exclusive to the two more and more. It has been equipped with your most powerful built by Ferrari at all, with engine of 12-cylinder بشكلV (V12) generates 810 HP, which accelerates the car from zero to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and zero to 200 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

The geometry of the two cars on the form of mono with the appearance of the sides of the flowchart on the form conflict with the law. Thanks to the absence of ceiling and glass front, was made available to the designers the freedom to manufacture a car the dimensions of the unique would reduce its dependence in the context of UN-Spider traditional. The result was a sense of super speed which does not choose its usually only the drivers of Formula 1 racing, and it comes thanks to the concept of the cabin which depart from The Shape of the car base which wraps around the driver.

Sought the Ferrari Styling Centre to the Smile Design Pure extremely, as if as the result of a blow to one pen, in order to draw the shape features elegantly not affected by the passage of time and contains minimal bends material features accurate details. The Ferrari dream the same appearance of knowledge, such as those that can be seen in the context of race is modern, with the aim of creating a simple design. Why is the day which the model moves the design is capable of expression to this extent, it highlights the advantages that a custom car to the driver where the relationship between the driver and the car a harmonious and interdependent.

And radical decision in the design of the door. both cars are open up. Equally important, the committee to the hood of one made of one piece and the carbon fiber, the two comprising two hinges at the front to highlight the V12 engine amazing when the lid is opened.

Ferrari-car-monza-sp1 (5)

Similar to race cars, the manufacture of the basic structure of both cars entirely out of carbon fiber light weight. Cabin was designed entirely of the same substance with a natural finish to enhance the whiff of sports in the design. Thanks to reduce the weight and shape of the “Parque” gain control of the dynamics unique, with a perfect balance of without any sort of rolling over so the measuring method is essential to won’t bargain.

Given that this car sports car convertible authentic, formed one of the greatest challenges in the design of management interventions aerobic inside the cabin in the absence of the windshield. Decoder solution the idea of “the windshield of the default” creative which created by Ferrari which used in the manufacture of the cover flow front of the dashboard and. The “windshield virtual” part of the stream of air to maintain comfort while driving.

In collaboration with my relationship to the welfare of the pioneers are Loro Piana and Berluti, she smiled and Ferrari fittings and accessories, stylish drivers, and specifically owners of Ferrari Monza SP1 وSP2. The collection includes suit, the driver and a T-shirt, helmet and gloves, scarf and boots for driving. This group provides a number of technical solutions to improve on granting the wearer comfort and freedom of movement while driving.

Summary of technical specifications

Type12 cylinder in V at an angle of 65 degrees
Engine capacity total6496 CC
Maximum power*603 kW (810 hp) at 8500 rpm
Maximum torque*719 Nm at 7 thousand rpm

Dimensions and weight

Length4657 mm
The show1996 mm
Height1155 mm
The weight of the empty car**1500 kg (policy SP1) و1520 kg (policy SP2)
From zero to 100 km/h2.9 seconds
From zero to 200 km/h7.9 seconds
Maximum speed> 300 km/h
Fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions
Under installation 

* With fuel 98 at

** With options, light weight

This theme is the disclosure of Ferrari “Monza” SP1 وSP2 appeared on Engadget.

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