Detection of the breakthrough for international communications and confidential records of contact for the purposes of spy

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Researchers in the company Cybereason America specialized in cyber security for a process of penetrating exposed to telecom companies in various regions of the world, in which he says the kidnappers of stealing the phone records for the purpose of spying on members and monitor their movements.

According to TechCrunch , the hack process is performed for the purposes of spying on individuals targeting at least 20 people, some politicians are eager to sensitive areas.

The researchers noted that telecommunication companies target reached number of 10 companies at least, distributed in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East, is not exposed to contact companies in North America for the same hack.

Where to target those companies have been in the last seven years while due the date of the first discovery of the operations hack and steal the records for the last year.

The security company is a strong group of inventors organizations of the nationalities or particular state.

The report explained that the inventors were concerned with access to the details of the call logs, mainly, which contain minute details about every call made from a telephone of the individual observer.

Include the number of calls made and dates in addition to the geographic location of the user device, while not contain any information about the content of the call, but this does not negate the never value of the information mentioned above was obtained.

Where it to identify the movements of the individual and his contacts and relationships and took advantage of her and draw critical information from them, especially if you collected the third laboratory working on analysis as intelligence.

The researchers found in the Cybereason to software hack used is the same as that already and used by attackers Chinese against the United States, a technique similar to (APT10) that were used in penetrating the US space agency NASA and IBM and a number of other US technology companies.

However, it has not been ascertained conclusively that China is behind this process, as techniques software hack used (APT10) became available between the inventors then discovered, making it likely that the inventor may have been concerned to point fingers at China.

This report comes in the shadow of the crisis in US-Chinese tension prevailing between the two countries which was delaying the imposition of the ban on the Huawei and use their organs being dangerous to U.S. national security, this is similar to the customs taxes imposed on goods traded between the two countries.

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