Detection of the first credit card connected to the communications !

Within the activities of the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018 company revealed dynamics in collaboration with the telecommunications company of America Sprint for the first payment card is connected and re-programming, can be used with bank accounts, multiple storage cards, whether credit cards or bank accounts. The card contains a magnetic strip programmable can conduct standard transactions, which is the first card of its kind that comes with the chip antenna, cell phone built-in, will be available soon in U.S. banks and other banks around the world. The card is a small screen with E-Ink and two buttons to move, and can switch between the card stored by pressing the buttons. And the card on behalf of the Wallet Card, the phone chip, which contains its communication and data transfer directly to and from bank at any place around the world, which is matter faster response when the exposure power, and replacement fast card, it will also enable banks send special offers directly to the card, and information security new on the card, or lock the account in case of Emergency. Another interesting feature of the new card is being come with a battery small implementation dependent charging technology organic and recharges itself periodically, as the fit card wallet regular where come the same size and shape of a credit card with a thickness a little larger because of the battery mentioned.

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