Detection of the headset to adjust the music according to the mood of the user

Used headset the layout of the brain waves (EEG) to record electrical activity of the automatic brain during a certain time period is utilized in Neuroscience research and psychology to read brain waves, and within the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018 browse researchers from one of the technology centers, a Belgian, a modified version of the headset EEG can assess the status of the wearer more on the basis of the signals from the front part of the brain. Besides using their treatment, the headset can recognize the mental state while doing some activities such as adjusting the music according to the mood and improving memory during the reading and change the video game during game play, etc. With the integration of music playback, the system can not measure the psychological state of the wearer of heaven only, but can also be of influence on the feelings of the people. The system uses Artificial Intelligence Technology to instantly check on the emotional state of the wearer of the headset. Previously, buy Microsoft to put forward tools to identify the psychological state of people through facial recognition technology, which is the same technique used in my network social networking Twitter and Facebook to determine the identity of persons, as many companies are working on the development of these techniques continuously. Recall that you may already scientists invent another model for EEG for the analysis of the activity of the brain by the sensors surrounding the head, and alert the user the lower the rate of its concentration and the recurrence of such discrepancies in training the mind to better recognize the situations where a derivative, which leads to lasting improvement for focus.

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