Detection OnePlus 6 in London on May 16,

الكشف عن OnePlus 6 في لندن بتاريخ 16 مايو

الكشف عن OnePlus 6 في لندن بتاريخ 16 مايو

As a company oneplus with the promotion of the identity of the target, they use the characteristic method detects slow on the phones. This is the case with the phone OnePlus 6 else phones the police.

Where the company announced the appointment on her phone the next after the announcement during the past weeks about the merits of the phone, the company said that the Conference would be in London the British on 16 May, contrary to expectations the past that talked about the company’s intention to hold the conference in India.

The company revealed that they will be selling tickets to the Conference to the public for 21$ from today until Friday, where prices will increase to 41$. And not even some think that the police target their profit only, they are nice gifts for users to exchange those tickets, so I sent gifts to everyone after the conference last year was the cost of the gifts a little bit bigger than the price of a ticket.

The company had been revealed during the last period about some of the specifications of the OnePlus 6, also announced a partnership with marvel to launch a version inspired by the film series of the Avengers. There will come a phone with the back glass, it will also contain a processor Snapdragon 845 RAM 8 GB.


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