Detection rates Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy Note 10 Lite, such as the official announcement

Galaxy S10 Lite

To Samsung slide the curtain officially on the lineup Galaxy A 2020 Series tomorrow, Tuesday, but decided to store an electronic Slovak not wait included pages for each of the Galaxy A51 and Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A81 and Galaxy A91 on his official website. Unfortunately, these pages don’t know us pictures of these phones or their technique, but they know not the potential price of some of these phones.

Phone Galaxy A91 which is rumored that it will reach some regions under the name Galaxy S10 Lite has been priced by the e-store mentioned above is estimated at 670 euros, while the pricing of the Galaxy A81 who is rumored will name Galaxy Note 10 Lite in some areas by about 610 euros. Of course, the latter is not cheap at all, but it would be cheaper to phone Galaxy provider by the S Pen at all.

For comparison, the display of the phone Galaxy S10e for sale for 750€ on the same store, while the display of the phone Galaxy Note 10 for sale for 950€. However, the pricing of the Galaxy A80 originally estimated at 650€ and get down to 545 euros now, so these prices look reasonable.

As for the two phones Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51, they have two alternative names, these two phones will be on sale for 470€ and 375€, respectively. Overall, all these phones will be available for purchase starting from 27 December.


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