Detection robot Russian military giant, you know, on the ability of his

Revealed a Russian company specialized in the arms industry called “Casino concern” about a robot military has a length of about four meters, which is bulletproof, and at the exhibition “throw 2018” military capital of Russian, Moscow.

It seems The weight of the Android 4.5 tons, and can carry things, set his arms in a flexible manner, which is designed primarily to provide milk during the fight, according to the network “Fox News” newsletter.

The experts number of civilians in artificial intelligence has demanded the governments of the world to move to prevent development of killer robots, and her of the gravity of her in the future if it is not to prevent development at the current time.

Experts say that smart weapons will increase the toll of victims in war, will face courts international laws and the difficulty in identifying the perpetrators, because associated with may be machine and not human.

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