DEUS ETH has released the first episode of the reality show about the murders on smart contracts

In the beginning of 2018 startup Deus ETH launched the first reality show based on the blockchain. It involves 50 licenzirovanie heroes who are fighting for survival in a post-apocalyptic desert. The rules of the game spelled out in smart contracts. Now the company has released the first episode of the show.

How to make money on a show about cryptocurrency

DEUS ETH consists of 10 rounds in each of which the system based smart contracts randomly determines which of the characters will die. After the death of the value of the character (measured in bitcoins) falls. The main prize will go to the owner of the character who gets to the finish line. Its size grows with every sale of character — 30% of the transaction go to the prize Fund.

The first series is called “Bloody Kitties”. In it the heroes the heroes wander through the desert and meet with robotic crypto-kittens that resulted from mutation turned into bloody murderers. In the final three heroes died in combat with the mutants.

The next series will be called “Wolf Party” and will be released in the coming days — this time in comic format, not video.

Previously, the Chinese Xiaomi released the game Jiami Tu, where users can buy and sell “cryptosystem”. Play it only the owners of the accounts in the system of Xiaomi.

In November last year, the Studio AxiomZen introduced the game CryptoKitties. It users grow and sell cryptococal. For a week the game will have invested $2.7 million of real money.

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