Developed a cheap method of creating a soil of Mars and other planets

Despite the fact that already now in full work on planning missions to Mars, the question of the suitability of the planet for existence remains open. And if the lack of oxygen something you can handle, but with the cultivation of the soil of the red planet crops have something to do. You need to do a lot of tests on Earth and, apparently, scientists from the University of Central Florida found the easiest and cheapest way to do it and even shared the “recipe of Martian soil”.

The paper was published in the journal Icarus and at the request of one of the developers Dan Britt, now for such experiments has been employed in simulating substances. This means that there is no uniform standard for experiments, but also that the researchers will get different results.

“For an expedition to Mars, we need food, water and other supplies. For this, we should check if we can grow anything on Mars. You don’t want, arriving to Mars to understand that your methods are not working.”

Therefore, a team of scientists decided to develop a kind of “gold standard” for such events. Their materials are based on chemical analyses of the soil of Mars provided by the Curiosity Rover.

Comparison of different soil samples. Letter a — the soil of Gale crater, b — soil, created by the new recipe, c, and d are other formulations for the simulation of the Martian soil

Soil has been called MGS-1 (Mars Global Simulant), and its composition can be easily modified so to obtain not only different types of soils of Mars, but the soil of other planets. The authors have even received the first order. Kennedy space center plans to purchase 500 kilograms MGS-1. But scientists have laid out in open access the recipe of the soil so that it can create even you. Assuming of course that you will be able to find all necessary components.

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