Developed a new way to run for long distances

For some it will be a great opening, but run for the people — this is not the best way to travel. The fact that the design of the body allows us to spend energy, so during the run we quickly get tired and eventually stop. Of course, to increase endurance you can use all sorts of exoskeletons, but scientists from the us state of California has developed a cheaper way of running for long distances. They believe that if you tie a two-foot band of a certain length, you can move much faster and farther. To try a new method of running right now.

The running man spends most of his energy is wasted

That the running man is very inefficient wastes energy, has long been known. According to calculations of scientists, for the movement of the legs and maintain a constant speed of human uses only 8% of all burned during running calories. The rest of the energy goes to the detachment of the body from the earth and holding the balance, i.e. the processes which have virtually no effect on the speed of overcoming distance. Usually the exoskeleton to facilitate running used to reduce energy costs of maintaining its own weight, however, the method of California researchers, it facilitates the breaching of the steps.

How to run faster?

As a rule, when running, people tend to imitate the animals fast and do wide steps. However, the structure of the body of man and animals vary greatly, so all we had to do short but frequent steps. Get used to this unusual method of running Shoe cementing can two latex medical tubing. Tube length should be equal to the quarter length of your leg from hip joint to ankle.

Running with bound feet

The California scientists tested the effectiveness of the developed by them method of running the study with the participation of 19 athletes. Volunteers asked in advance not to focus on the inconvenience associated legs, and just run with other thoughts in my head. To the surprise of researchers, athletes quickly become accustomed to their associated legs and showed a 6% increase in endurance while running. They shared that through the gum started to feel more easy and quick. As a result, they were able to run longer than usual.

This is interesting: a Mutation in just one gene made people tireless runners

According to a mechanical engineer named Elliot Hawkes, this “spring” in the body of many animals. It is because of this they are able to quickly travel long distances. He developed a way though gives people a missing body element, which significantly improves their cross-country abilities. The results of the study can be read in the original article, published in the journal of Experimental Biology.

The fastest man in the world

According to scientists, the speed of a trained person reaches 20 kilometers per hour. However, we are talking only about overcoming short distances no longer than one kilometer. Quite possibly, a new method of running will allow athletes to increase their performance, but to develop a record for human speed of 20 kilometers in the near future is unlikely anyone will succeed.

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And this record belongs to a Jamaican athlete named Usain Bolt. He was raised in the Beijing Olympics in 2008, when the athlete made the final sprint at 100 meters. The champion was able to accelerate to unthinkable for a man of 43.9 miles per hour. The best indicator is still not achieved no athlete.

Also one of the fastest people in the world can be considered a Kenyan runner Eliud Kipchoge. October 12, 2019, as part of the competition INEOS 1:59 Challenge, he ran the marathon length of 42 kilometres and 195 metres in less than two hours. Unfortunately, this result is not officially considered a record because the competition was held under the leadership of the International Association of athletics federations (IAAF).

The mysteries of the human body

Generally, our body still remains extremely complex and poorly understood system. Most recently, in August of 2019, we talked about potentially a completely new organ in the human body. Swedish scientists managed to find it and figure out how new knowledge can be used to relieve various types of pain in humans.

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