Developed a universal antidote from nervously-paralytic poisons

The creation of the antidote from nervously-paralytic toxic substances, by and large, has one huge drawback: most of these poisons are very much under each of them needs a kind of antidote. But a group of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, it seems, knows how to deal with this problem. After all, they managed to create an almost “universal antidote”.

According to the editors of the New Atlas, a new development aimed at the neutralization of nerve agents based on natural catalysts and enzymes in our body. The fact that the catalysts are essentially only change the reaction rate without affecting its components. But they can move “from place to place” due to the electrochemical gradient. And scientists have suggested that this property can be used in order to create a universal “micronoise” to be able to move in the course of fluid and “pump” it.

And indeed, if you attach a catalyst to, for example, the cell surface, it will begin to work as a real pump. Further, the experts used an enzyme anhydrous organophosphorus acids. Then the enzyme just “added” in the gel. The interaction of the gel and enzymes has provided extremely effective protection and toxic substances in the laboratory have had any effect, because, according to the scientists, “micropumps” on the basis of enzymes capable of outputting up to several milliliters of fluid and toxins second. In addition to the “direct” application to exposed areas of the body, the resulting composition can, for example, to handle hazmat suits, increasing their effectiveness.

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