Developed ocular implant to prevent glaucoma

Our eyes are very important and at the same time very “fragile” bodies. However, in addition to damaging factors external and internal that can “discreetly” to cause vision loss. One of these is the intraocular pressure, which causes the accumulation of fluid in the eye, damage to the optic nerve that eventually leads to blindness. This process is called glaucoma. And not so long ago a group of scientists from USA have developed the implant to prevent this horrible condition.

Glaucoma is a very dangerous disease

How to stop glaucoma

Usually, patients with glaucoma regularly check the intraocular pressure in the office of the ophthalmologist. If it is determined that it “jumps” and recorded the excess of intraocular fluid, measures had been taken. If the process is at an early stage, then produce medical correction pressure. If “bad” then the patient is scheduled for surgery.

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Unfortunately, such tests are usually conducted only a few times a year, and any fluctuations in pressure that occur between these visits are ignored. To this end, the team from the University of California has recently drafted an implant located in the eye constantly, enabling patients to check intraocular pressure by yourself without special knowledge in the home. The implant has received the name Injectsense and has dimensions of only 0.6 mm in thickness and 2.5 millimeters in length. In the image below you can see how the implant is tiny.

Surprisingly, such a small device could easily save a person from loss of vision

A miniature-sized device intended for insertion into the middle part of the ciliary body, and the whole procedure should take about five minutes and does not require a prolonged stay in hospital before or after surgery. Now the device has passed the first laboratory tests and the scientists are preparing to conduct tests with human volunteers.

We plan to conduct our first human studies in early 2021 or even earlier, says one of the leading authors of works on creation of Injectsense Ariel Cao. After all the tests we plan to enter the market in Europe, and in six months or a year and in the USA.

In General, in recent time, scientists are increasingly thinking about creating implants, so if you are interested in this topic — subscribe to our page in Yandex.Zen, not to miss out on all the fun. As for the “internal device” Injectsense, at the moment pressure sensors of the implant is temporarily fed by transmitting a radio signal from a separate portable device.

It is transmitted and information about intraocular pressure. Ultimately, however, the plan of scientists is the creation of integrated microbatteries. This battery will be charged wirelessly via a wearable device like smart glasses. All data collected will be transferred to cloud service, and test them will be using a special app. Alsoimplantat you can connect with your smartphone and other smart devices.

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