Developed the gel which will protect from most existing viruses

There are a huge number of viruses that can cause a lot of trouble and harm to his health. But it is possible that soon the virus can be forgotten thanks to the development of a universal nanogel that can deal with most of the known viruses. And, interestingly, the principle of gel “borrowed” from our cell.

For a start it is worth noting that antiviral gels are a fairly common type of medications, however, almost all existing models can deal with only one virus or viruses of a particular group. Thus, despite the fact that a lot of viruses, most of them have similarities in the interaction with human cells: specific receptors on the surface of the virus allow them to contact with the cell membrane and penetrate inside the cell. And if you break this mechanism – can you deny the virus the opportunity to cause harm.

This is what I decided to do a group of researchers from the Free University of Berlin. In their work they used heparansulfate proteoglycans (HS) are substances which form the input gate to the cell membrane. Scientists have developed analogues of these HS particles on the basis of elastic nanogel. Researchers have created several types of nanogels with different degrees of elasticity-mimicking proteins HS. In the end, the resulting nanogels can easily connect with the virus.

Next, the researchers developed 2 types of sulfated nanogel against herpes virus and arteriviruses. In laboratory tests the application of these gels allows you to “capture” up to 90% of viruses from contaminated surfaces. However, as stated by the creators, the nanogels are relatively cheap to produce and can be used both for prevention and for treatment. In addition, the researchers say that the nanogel can be applied inside, because over time it breaks down and is fully retained in the kidneys. But this method of application requires further study and conduct additional tests.

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