Developer of semiconductor CNEX Labs meet my Huawei out of business

مطورة أشباه الموصلات CNEX Labs تقاضي هواوي بداعي التجسس

An American company again stand against Huawei, but this time not through boycott but through being sued for spying on their secrets, where they raised CNEX Labs her case to the Supreme Court in the Eastern District of Texas, saying that the Chinese company and one of the chairmen Eric Xu collaborated with other employees to steal technology developed by.

The trial will begin against Huawei in the 3 next June, and think this is the first time that his two companies because in 2017 the Huawei filed a case against one of the founders of CNEX Labs, who once worked at the headquarters of Huawei in Santa Clara for stealing their technology and use it illegally, but a year later the CNEX Labs to raise the issue of anti-implementation of the Chinese police allegations in a timely manner.

But over the new year to begin with CNEX Labs another trip against Huawei in a case accusing them of spying to steal the techniques of semiconductors, the company said that it started when Eric Shaw meet with officials of CNEX Labs and pretend like he’s a potential client no, but he did prepare a comprehensive report on their technology to be within a large database prepared by Huawei to examine the competitors.

The CNEX Labs that Huawei is taught in partnership between the University of Xiamen China, which had partnered with Eric Xu, without the knowledge of CNEX Labs to provide information about the techniques used in the manufacture of chips, according to the case, the information was taken from the side of the use in the manufacture of chips, the new Huawei will appear for the first time later this year.

For his part, said one of the founders of CNEX Labs, which started the case with him that he offered to the Chinese company selling the technology and patents developed by the company arising Futurewei when he was working, but she refused it, and then moved them said founded CNEX Labs later.

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