Developer ProgPoW not invited to the summit, ETC because of the connections with Craig Wright

The Creator of the add-on ProgPoW algorithm Ethash Kristi-Leigh Minehan not invited to the summit dedicated to the project ETC. As stated by the event organizer and Executive Director of the ETC Cooperative Bob Summerville, he withdrew the invitation Minahen because of her ties to supporters of the controversial project Bitcoin SV Craig Wright and Calvin Eyre. About Summerville tweeted.

What are you talking about?

Ethereum Classic Summit planned for 3 October, but now the list of speakers was reduced. One of razrabotki Kristi-Leigh Minehan were “officially not invited” to the event due to her alleged participation in the project one of the most controversial figures in cryptosphere.

In his blog, Summerville writes that the Core Scientific – where Minahen listed chief technology Director, is Director General in the person of Kevin Turner. He, in turn, is also an Advisor at Squire Mining is a canadian public company. What do you think, who owns 45 percent of the shares of this company? Calvin Ayre, who is a colleague of Craig Wright and Jimmy Nguyen.

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Says Summerville, it too closely, close their eyes are not. He also noted that Kristi-Ley acted for the promotion of the project BSV for at least several events.

Craig Wright is a crook and a liar, and Calvin Eyre is not much better than him. I can’t afford to tie the ETC Cooperative and summit ETC with these individuals and their companies. So I made the decision to withdraw the invitation of this speaker.

By the way, managed to obtain and review the Christy-Lei Minahen this. It considers the Core Scientific is a provider of extremely high level.

As long as our clients follow the laws of the United States are mandatory KYC, compliance with contracts and pay their bills, they have the right to use our services — just like any other customer. In our company we are sort of agnostic in relation to blockchain and some political squabbles. Therefore, we believe that everyone deserves the right to our services, whatever his past.

We checked the assertion that Minahan involved in the events dedicated to the BSV. It is really so. Here are the results of issuing the query the name of Christy on the website CoinGeek, which owns Calvin Eyre.

Source: CoinGeek

In the next update Ethereum ProgPoW will not have to wait

Source: 2Биткоина

One only exception of the speaker from a list of not all over. Think Summerville decided to perform the algorithm that Minahan suggested to improve Ethereum.

As we already wrote, ProgPoW stands for "Programmatic Proof Of Work", — Supplement to the current algorithm Ethash. It needs to increase the competitiveness of video cards in mining and to eliminate the effect of network-side ASIC-miners.

It is worth noting, despite the scandal with Minahen, on the algorithm worked 40 different people. In addition, the code of the algorithm is freely available and other developers almost never appear in public.

But according to the Summerville, similar to the “promiscuous bears inestimable risks when using this type of code in Ethereum”. He even called the Ethereum community to wonder whether it is necessary to consider the implementation of this implementation ProgPOW. The developer of the algorithm insists on its implementation.

ProgPOW audited for safety and potential risk of a backdoor. In addition, it is fully optimized for the video card. In fact, it’s only a minor adjustment for Ethash.

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