Developer warns of the possibility to use shortcuts for Siri Shortcuts to take the user data

Siri Shortcuts-teaser

With iOS 12, the company Apple launched the feature Siri Shorcuts which is basically allows users to use one voice command to perform many different actions at once. Thus, instead of saying the implementation of each task separately using several voice commands are different, you can assemble all of those tasks in one voice command. And the best part is that anyone can create Shortcuts ” Siri Shorcuts ” and share them with others.

However, it seems that the feature Siri Shortcuts not without without its problems. In a publication on Twitter, and revealed the developer Simeon Saëns how was told by Avimanyu Roy about how Siri Shortcuts have the ability to steal personal information of users. He pointed to how to make Siri Shortcut addresses in the recipe system memory in order to assemble the names, data compression and send them to the attacker via iMessage.

Assume that this discovery should not be surprising. Given that Apple don’t drink at the mission control shortcuts for Siri Shortcuts that can be published then on the web, unlike iOS apps, there is a possibility that is exploited for evil purposes. Adds developer Simeon Saëns, it continues since then with Apple have not revealed about the findings, but it is still not clear how the company plans to Apple to deal with this issue.

In the meantime, if you like the search Shortcuts Siri Shortcuts on the internet and install them on your device, it is best to exercise caution and look at the comments and see what others have said about those abbreviations.


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