Development plan smart of Samsung to personal assistant “Baker”

خطة تطوير ذكية من سامسونج للمساعد الشخصي "بيكسبي"

It seems that the company Samsung has finally realized the problem faced by her personal assistant smart “bacon” after many stages of development of artificial intelligence the user adding them to its new smart phones and customize button is also easy access to the plugin, but still turnout a normal user on the plugin Smart your company is less than the software similar from other companies such as Amazon and Google.

The power of the personal assistant with Amazon for example “Alexa” to the possibility of its development by the programmer, another two from outside the company which provided for the personal assistant more possibilities and this seems to be what the company will offer Samsung On do., According to what is traded in the reports on conference Samsung Developer which is held annually in San Francisco, which is considered one of the largest events offered by the Korean company Samsung to developers in order for them to design special programmes for the bodies just which was in the past limited to apps that support Screen curved from the parties to the Edge which is used by the company in its phones in addition to support smart pen and ad hoc class notes of the company’s S Pen but this year the attention of the company as on Bixby and techniques of artificial intelligence to your company.

Despite what flow it reports about the intention Samsung to disclose her phone, folding the long-awaited and arrangements are recent, the phone rollaway may carry the name “Galaxy F” except that the company will set directly on “how to make baker more intelligent.”

According to the newspaper The Wall Street of the famous American, the Korean company will contribute to all software developers of the work of the so-called “capsules” to help her profile in order to do some task such as respond to for voice commands to order food from restaurants given the availability of such property.

There is a statistical study has been conducted on the American market was the result of that less than 4 percent of users of personal assistant on the Mobile Assistant uses Samsung “Baker”, while the proportion is 44 percent Assistant Apple’s intelligent Siri and 30 percent in favor of Assistant Google and 17 percent to the Assistant Amazon’s “Alexa“.

The subject line of the development of smart of Samsung to personal assistant “Baker” appeared first on say Delta Technology.

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