Device Apple rollaway will be 2021, but it won’t be iPhone!

At the time launched the smartphone makers that run Android system such as Samsung and Huawei devices folding, it seems that the lovers of Apple still in front of them more than wait to see the first foldable phone from Apple.

جهاز ابل القابل للطي سيصل عام 2021 ولكنه لن يكون آيفون

Device Apple rollaway will be 2021, but it won’t be iPhone

According to the latest reports from UBS, the Apple may launch iOS device is collapsible by the year 2021 based on the analysis of the requests of the intellectual property owner of the iPhone. But it may not be the iPhone, where analysts note that tablet folding may come first.

The report says: “We believe that the product is likely to be the iPad before the iPhone may come in next year, but is likely to be the year 2021”.

Apple already has several patents for folding, the last the patent in May for your can be folded on itself on the axis of the two different other than the Samsung phones and Huawei that are folded on one axis.

Earlier, Apple had registered a patent for battery folding in addition to the lock and swipe to install the device when folded!

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