Device Huawei P30 Pro Lite 48 MP how to achieve the maximum benefit from his camera Reserve?

A characteristic device of a series of phones HUAWEI P30 has many advantages developer local. Containing a camera phone HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP new version on the three cameras in the rear of the device, the main camera 48 megapixel HD lens wide angle quite 8 megapixels, the sensor 2 megapixels of poker, the fantastic camera with the centres of power of the infinite. We will discover in this article How to make the most out of a camera tri 48 megapixels of the new version for lite HUAWEI P30.

Widen your world with the wide angle lens too

Features Phone HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP new version camera three background consists of a lens of the high resolution of 48 megapixels lens wide angle 8 MP lens effects Booker 2 megapixels work in tandem to achieve amazing results. Produce camera wide-angle 8 megapixel camera stunning images with the correction of jamming and. The quality of the pixel level more than impressive, with a dynamic range excellent without any part of your photos, regardless of the number of friends who line up to take pictures.

Use phone HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP new version is very easy – with the help of artificial intelligence (can be activated on the top bar of the camera app), all you have to do is train the camera lens on the body that you want photographed, the camera will automatically determine the type of scene that you’re filming. You can even choose a wide angle lens of the camera while the phone’s camera towards the body. If you are aiming to portray wide scenes of the city, for example, the camera adjusts itself to capture the widest scene possible.

Night photography is? Don’t worry

There is also a night mode mobile, it creates a you know long through the accumulation of multiple frames collected light along the way so that you get sharp images without any distortion at all, it works like a charm, especially in positions that don’t get good pictures. Says Night Mode is also a great job at maintaining the color in the time you lose in the other saturation. Go to the bottom bar of the camera application and select the option “night” to be the production of night-time photos are clear and sharp.

Enjoy more moments of your

Phone supports HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP new version slow motion at 480 fps, it slows down the movement by 16 times to shed light on the finer details of the objects animated. Whether it’s a wedding you’re shooting or graduation party your colleague from college, a wonderful moment well kept. To operate it, scroll the tape across the bottom to apply the camera to the “more” and select “Slow-mo”.

Get selfies distinct

Comes phone HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP new version with a camera selfie HD 24 megapixels fixed-focus, and with a lot of light you can get shots detailed excellent not to mention the colors end in kindergarten. With the help of artificial intelligence can identify up to 8 scenarios, you can get the perfect shots at any time and in any place regardless of the lighting conditions, thanks to the night mode and the integration of light 4-in-1.

Most of your features stand out with distinction through the use of the algorithm beauty of artificial intelligence, working as a team, the work of makeup professionals enhance lighting ensures that you look fabulous. Although selfies in low light may pose a challenge, however, you can add a touch of fun with the 3D Qmoji 2.0. Just select the “AR Lens” on the far left of the bottom bar to apply the camera and select emoijs your favorite.

Discover more about your surroundings

Need Phone HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP new version on the “Hi Vision” of Huawei, a feature future allows you to scan items using the camera for more information about them. Get out the camera and get ready to scan items that you want – if you saw the info not known, use this feature to get immediate information. Use this feature to also control your diet, so that you can scan an item of food to address the nutritional value and the number of calories it contains and stores that sells via the internet and other information.

Comes phone HUAWEI P30 lite 48MP version new with long lasting battery with a capacity of 3340 mAh, lasts most of the day and can be recharged quickly with the Fast shipping from Huawei about 18 watts. Not a problem at speedy performance with Ram 6 GB 128 GB storage space is more than enough for all your photos and videos.

The events; they are fine with a processor Kirin 710, next to the user interface EMUI 9.0.1 on Android 9, make the interaction between you and your phone more safety and easily. You can even add a personal touch to your ring tones with feature ringtones supported video artificial intelligence, which will allow you to use video clips as a ringtone customized for the caller, to add a special pleasure to respond to phone calls.

You can get this perfect device 212 BD only, through stores that sell devices Huawei or through the e-store via the following link:

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